Trucker Requirements

Trucker Requirements

TWIC Compliance
  • All Container Haulers/drivers are required to have a valid TWIC or approved escort (for Breakbulk trucks Only).

  • All Terminal Employees and Labor must have a valid TWIC.

  • All contractors and vendors who visit Ports America Tampa on a regular basis require a TWIC.

Safety Requirements
  • Hardhat, ANSI Class 2 Safety Vest or Safety Shirt, Close-toed shoes, No cell phone use on terminal.

  • Obey all terminal signage.

  • 15 MPH speed limit in terminal.

  • 5 MPH speed limit through Portals.

Drivers registration

Container Truck Line Carriers must be registered in the Tampa TOS Portal to set up trucks and appointments. Requirements for account: All Truck Lines must be a registered Carrier with UIIA and identify their UIIA - SCAC when registering in Tampa TOS Portal.

For information contact

TOS Web Portal

Trucking Company & Truck Driver Access -

Acceptable Transactions

All listed Container Terminal Gate Transactions and required information defined are
validated in the Tampa TOS Portal.